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The Cursillo focuses on personal spiritual development for Christian lay people over the course of a three-day weekend. The weekend usually includes talks, some given by clergy and some by lay people.  

Cursillos first appeared in Spain in 1944 when the country was under the rule of dictator Francisco Franco, who made Spain a quasi-theocracy based on the principles of Roman Catholicism.  A layman named Eduardo Bonnín participated in the early years of the "short courses" in Majorca and helped develop the Cursillos to the point that it became an active renewal movement in the Church.  In 1957, the movement had spread to North America, when the first American Cursillo was held in Waco, Texas. 

Today, Cursillo is a worldwide movement with centers in nearly all South and Central American countries, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and in several African countries.

The Anglican Diocese of Texas is now a participant with the Diocese of Fort Worth and the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas in Cursillo through the Episcopal Center for Renewal.   It is truly a life-changing experience and one that is recommended to all committed Christians.

In Cursillo, it is said that being 'in Colors'  (or "de colores") is to be in God's grace.  May the grace of God find you, be with you, and guide you on your journey.

For more information on becoming a "Cursillista," visit the Episcopal Center for Renewal online.  

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