The Anglican Diocese of Texas - A Letter from Our Archbishop
The Anglican Diocese of Texas - Serving Our Lord and Serving
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In August 2012,  I was in Connecticut for the consecration of a new bishop and for some meetings with officials of our partner in ministry, The Catholic Charismatic Church (Old Catholic Succession) [CCC].

During the meetings, The Most Rev. Paulo Lobo, Bishop of Brazil [CCC] asked for an inter-communion agreement from our Diocese to give him an Anglican link. That, of course, was granted, and we are now in the process of signing all of those documents with him. 

I was asked by the Patriarch of the CCC if I would assume oversight of both Bishop Irons and Bishop Lobo, as well as oversight of a parish in New Orleans that currently has no bishop. Because I believe it best for both us and the CCC to have this level of cooperation, I agreed to do so.

     The CCC created the Southern Province in order to group these various duties, and in that capacity, the Patriarch has appointed me to serve the CCC as metropolitan archbishop of the Southern Province. As is noted elsewhere, this does not change my sacramental responsibilities, it only expands my administrative ones. I am still your priest, your pastor, and your servant in the vineyard of Our Lord.

    Of course, this means more travel for me, but it does not mean that I am leaving the Anglican Diocese of Texas. To the contrary, because of our very strong Anglican links to the NAAC, the Diocese of Fort Worth, and the new ones to Georgia, Louisiana, and Brazil, the strengthening of our Diocese here is even more important. To say that this is unexpected is just as to say that it is exciting. More to the point, it is very humbling to me, and I most sincerely ask your prayers to support me in this new endeavor.

    Peace and Blessings from your servant in the Faith,

                    ‡ John
                     Domine, Deus: Ut omnes unum sint!  

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