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A child recognizes that Christmas, and all of its festivities and excitement, is just around the corner when he/she sees the sparkle of lights in shopping center trees, neighbors' houses, and more candles in their church.  

In the secular, these sparkling lights do indeed represent a "preparation" for Christmas...sales, office parties, holiday movies, hustle and bustle of gift shopping.  But spiritually, we are, and should be, preparing for something much more meaningful and eternal.

It is Advent... a time of preparation for both the Christmas Feast and the  Coming of the Lord. It is a time to recognize our need for the light and just how precious Jesus, the Light of the World, is. Ponder, in these darkest days, the beauty of the light. 

We are children of God, and as such, we too can look to the "sparkling lights" in anticipation of Christmas and the greatest gift we shall ever receive... 


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